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About the trainer:

Hi! I'm Olivia Tiffany and I'm a certified trainer through the Karen Pryor Academy. I only use science-based, positive reinforcement training methods. I strongly believe aversive methods such as prong collars and shock collars only invoke fear and frustration and put a mask on the bigger issues at hand. I like to focus on rewarding the pup for good behavior instead of punishing "bad" behavior. I have experience in training manners, advanced manners, tricks, agility, leash reactivity, and CGC prep and testing.

​I originally fell in love with dog training while working on leash reactivity with my pup, Sweetie. I personally have 5 pets total (3 dogs and 2 cats) so I understand the struggles of a multiple pet household. Sometimes it feels like there are 5 toddlers running around the apartment! I was the assistant kennel manager and trainer at DogBoy's Dog Ranch before they shut down. After that, I focused on pet sitting and started a business called Sweetie Pie Pet Sitting. While I still do it sometimes for old clients, I wanted to shift the focus of my business into training. This is the start of Sweetie Pie Pup Training!​ 

I also teach group classes at EveryDog Behavior and Training!


Oh and of course my business is named after my best friend, Sweetie Pie!

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